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CKD’s Lawnmowing Service is the local Canning Vale company providing aeration and vertimowing services. Over the course of time, grass tends to die off and gather above the soil on your lawn. This ‘thatch’ is beneficial in small amounts however it can and does build up too quickly to be naturally broken down. This creates a barrier that stops air and moisture from reaching the roots.

Our experienced team will come out to your Canning Vale property to assess the work that needs done. Vertimowing to remove thatch is generally completed in the warmer months of spring and early summer. Alternatively, if your lawn has become hard and compact it may require Aeration/Coring.  CKD’s can assess your lawn and provide the best rejuvenation solution for your lawn. If you live in Canning Vale or the surrounding areas, get in touch for a quote.

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Canning Vale Vertimowing & Aeration – Breathe New Life Into Your Lawn

WA lawns are some of the healthiest in Australia. This is due in part to the processes of vertimowing and aeration. Tired-looking Canning Vale lawns can significantly benefit from being professionally de-thatched. Did you know that thatch can stop as much as 75% of water ever getting to the roots of your lawn? Thatch is also not good in terms of aesthetic appeal.

If you live in or around Canning Vale and you are considering vertimowing/aerating your lawn, get in touch. Your beautiful lawn can quickly and easily become compacted from growth, mowing, human activity and pets. When this happens, water, air and nutrients can’t reach the roots to keep them healthy. The processes of vertimowing and aeration help your lawn to breathe and to look great!

Affordable Vertimowing & Aeration. Friendly & Reliable

When you choose CKD’s Lawnmowing Service, you can always be assured of a friendly and reliable vertimowing and aeration service that is second to none. We have hundreds of happy customers who come back to us time and time again to maintain their lawns.

We have been locals to the area for more than 25 years and have been in the lawn business for more than 25 of these. We have full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance. Additionally, we are a member of the Lawnmowing Contractors Association of WA and a registered Waterwise Specialist. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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