Fertilising Canning Vale

CKD’s Lawnmowing Service provides essential lawn fertilisation to properties throughout Canning Vale and the surrounding areas. Fertilising your lawn encourages healthy growth, thick coverage and great colour throughout the year. So, we treat local lawns little and often with a great quality environmentally friendly fertiliser.

Bear in mind that Canning Vale lawns that are watered with scheme water in particular need to be fertilised on a regular basis. Doing so makes them better placed to withstand diseases, pests, weeds and even drought conditions. Ask us about our special blends that help control weed growth and that are available for use in the summer and winter.

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Canning Vale Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments – Ensure Your Lawn Always Looks Great

Have you ever noticed the one thing that so many gardens in Canning Vale and the surrounding areas have in common? The lawns are always pristine. Although it can be difficult to find the time, focus and energy to maintain your lawn yourself, CKD’s Lawnmowing is always on hand to help. We specialise in Canning Vale fertilising and soil wetting treatments among our other services.

Just get in touch with us to find out how we can help to make your yard look amazing. With our help, so many problems can be eradicated. Additionally, our quality fertilisers ensure that your lawn is filled with the right nutrients to promote a lustrous, vibrant and healthy lawn. Ask us about our soil wetting agents that allow water to penetrate your soil.

Affordable Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments. Friendly & Reliable

Your home and garden are your own space away from the world. When you choose CKD’s Lawnmowing Service, you are assured of friendly and reliable service right from the first time you speak to us until your fertilising and soil wetting treatment is complete. What’s more is that you can schedule a regular maintenance service, so you always have complete peace of mind.

We service properties throughout Canning Vale and beyond and our testimonials speak for themselves. When you use our services, your lawn tolerance to drought, heat and more will be increased especially when a soil wetting agent is applied. Your home will look amazing and your yard will be a real joy to spend time in.

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